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Blue Pea Butterfly


Blue Pea Butterfly

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The term Blue Pea Butterfly is not a commonly recognized species or term in the field of entomology or biology. It's possible that there might be some confusion or mixup in the terminology you're using. However, there is a plant known as the Blue Pea or Butterfly Pea(Clitoria ternatea), which is a flowering vine belonging to the Fabaceae family. This plant is famous for its striking blue-purple flowers, which have a unique shape resembling a butterfly. The flowers of the Blue Pea plant are often used for their natural blue color in culinary dishes and beverages, especially in Southeast Asia, where they are used to make blue rice and herbal teas. If you were referring to a specific butterfly species associated with the Blue Pea plant, please provide more context or clarify your question so I can provide more accurate information.

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